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Management of information in data bases to concerned the navigation and routing systems


Received: 20 June 2020
Accepted: 26 July 2020
Published: 17 August 2020

Reza Zendehboudi, Jalil Azimpour, Hamed Gorginpour

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Nowadays moblie navigation and routing systems take into account as a guidance system. In this systems, the whole information/data of mobile navigation and routing, reserved in concentrated data bases. These data bases are capable to reserve great amount of information. Therefore the main deficiency of these data bases will appear in the time of synchronous updating (deletion, registration & editing) by so many users. totally , all of these deficiencies are called anomaly or spreadable errors. In this deficiencies, if a data involved error, this error will spread in all other data. For this respect, we are trying to present a new updating system by doing this research, in order to use in data bases of navigation and routing systems, so that the new system involve the least error in updating data. Therefore, we used a powerful module in the presented system which its name is DBManager, that in fact it is an intelligent class in order to doing updating operation. Because of being intelligent, we can use this module in each point/process of program. Indeed, this specification is superior nature of this management system with the other similar management systems.

Keywords: Management - Encryption - Decryption - SQL Dbmanager module.


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Journal of Practical Management Information Systems

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